Firmware 1.6 Released!

We have released firmware 1.6 for the WunderLINQ hardware.  This update includes an important bug fix.  We highly recommend you update at your earliest convenience.  Device Firmware Update(DFU) instructions can be found here.

All WunderLINQs shipped from our store always include the latest firmware already installed.

WunderLINQs are back in Stock!

WunderLINQ commuters are back in stock.  We've also had a small run of 25 Adventure WunderLINQ enclosures milled, they are in stock as well.

USB Cables are now available

We've added custom high-quality USB cables to the store for use with the WunderLINQ.  These cables have right-angle connectors to reduce strain and protrusion and are just the right length to power your phone when mounted to the WunderLINQ.