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We recently learned of the launch of BMW’s Connected Cradle. A product that appears to function similar to the WunderLINQ. Though we requested to collaborate with the BMW Connected team several years ago, our request was ignored. Having had no communication with  BMW’s Connected team, the release of this new device is a surprise. We currently do not have access to the Connected Cradle for testing, however, a cursory review of online information sheds some light on the differences between the WLQ and BMW Connected Cradle. Key Points WunderLINQ  Connected Cradle Phone Mounting Options Nearly infinite Limit phone support WW/Smart...

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Android 10 and iOS 13 are coming to phones soon.   With any new major operating system releases, we suggest you wait until we've tested the WunderLINQ to make sure there are no major issues. We've started testing on Android 10 and so far everything appears to be working fine. We have an iOS 13 compatible device on order to start testing, but we've received one report that there is an issue with keyboard input in the current iOS 13 beta.  Until we can test we highly recommend holding off on updating to iOS 13 next week.

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