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Firmware 2.0 Released

Firmware 2.0 Released

We are proud to announce the availability of firmware 2.0 for all WunderLINQ models. To show our continued commitment to support older WunderLINQ hardware we have implemented all features possible on the older hardware versions as well.

To help guide you with the firmware update process we've updated our Android and iOS documentation to include videos of the upgrade process. The firmware update process can be a bit tricky and following the directions closely is very important.

2.0 Feature Highlights

  • Removed the requirement to set the WunderLINQ in Full or RT/K1600 Mode, WunderLINQ just works on either wheel type.
  • New Default and Custom Mode. Default is the factory settings, custom allows the customization of various features.
  • Added new default mapping for Android/iOS system audio mute to long signal cancel press or "Mute" menu on the RT/K1600 HWV2.0+ only
  • Custom Key Mapping. This feature will allow you to remap the wheel controls to any possible keyboard keypresses. On RT/K1600 we allow mapping of single and double press actions to all cluster navigation menu items. Consumer keys only supported on HWV2.0+ only
  • USB Port Control. This will allow you to set the USB port to "Off", "On" or "On Engine". Not valid for Kickstarter version
Complete firmware changelog can be found here.

To customize your WunderLINQ firmware settings after the upgrade you will need one of the following app versions. Android App 2.14 or iOS App 2.0.3. They are currently both available in beta and should be showing up in the production app stores shortly. Please remember if you change your key mapping defaults you can break the control of the WunderLINQ app.