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Connected Cradle

We recently learned of the launch of BMW’s Connected Cradle. A product that appears to function similar to the WunderLINQ. Though we requested to collaborate with the BMW Connected team several years ago, our request was ignored. Having had no communication with  BMW’s Connected team, the release of this new device is a surprise. We currently do not have access to the Connected Cradle for testing, however, a cursory review of online information sheds some light on the differences between the WLQ and BMW Connected Cradle.

Key Points WunderLINQ  Connected Cradle
Phone Mounting Options Nearly infinite Limit phone support
WW/Smart Device Control Controls entire device Controls BMW proprietary app
Connectivity Bluetooth Bluetooth
Charging Wired/Inductive(option) Wired/Inductive


There are certainly more differentiating details and nuances for both devices, but the above are the basics. The WunderLINQ remains a high-quality, Open Source, upgrade to get the most control of your BMW motorcycle. Those who own or intend to own the WunderLINQ can be assured our product will continue to be produced and supported well into the future. 

On a personal note, Keith and I are flattered that BMW sees the value in what we have conceived, prototyped, and introduced to the market several years ago. Not bad for a couple of guys who realized the untapped potential of BMW’s awesome multifunction controller. Keith and I are committed to the continued innovation of WunderLINQ.