Tread SxS 8 Review

Garmin Tread SxS 8"

As of writing the current release of the WunderLINQ Android app is fully compatible with the Tread SxS 8".  

We tested mounting a Tread SxS 8" to a 2017 R1200GS and have created a video of one possible option for using a Tread SxS 8" with a WunderLINQ.  

For map zooming in the Garmin Navigation App you must reconfigure the WunderLINQ key mapping to using +/- instead of Up/Down Arrow.  


Tested Mounting Solution

Original Tread Cradle

3D-printed pinch plate from Printables or Thingiverse

Repurposed BMW cradle fasteners and rear pinch plate.



  • Rugged
  • Built-in Delorme in-Reach satellite communications
  • Optional MURS 2-way radio
  • Nice design
  • Full Android tablet


  • Requires cellphone tethering for cellular data
  • Side-loading apps can be tricky
  • Expensive