Tread SxS 8 Review

Garmin Tread SxS 8"

As of writing the current release of the WunderLINQ Android app is fully compatible with the Tread SxS 8".  

We tested mounting a Tread SxS 8" to a 2017 R1200GS and have created a video of one possible option for using a Tread SxS 8" with a WunderLINQ.  

For map zooming in the Garmin Navigation App you must reconfigure the WunderLINQ key mapping to using +/- instead of Up/Down Arrow.  


Tested Mounting Solution

Original Tread Cradle mounted to the Nav Bar with original BMW cradle and WunderLINQ relocated.

Tread Cradle Install
BMW Cradle/WunderLINQ Relocation


3D-printed pinch plate from our shop or print your own, the models are free to download from Printables and Thingiverse

Repurposed BMW cradle fasteners and rear pinch plate.

Cradle Parts


WunderLIN App Install

Since the Tread lacks the Google Play store you will need to "sideload" the WunderLINQ app on to the Tread.  This process is documented here.  You can always find the latest WunderLINQ APK file on our GitHub releases page.


  • Rugged
  • Built-in Delorme in-Reach satellite communications
  • Optional MURS 2-way radio
  • Nice design
  • Full Android tablet


  • Requires cellphone tethering for cellular data
  • Side-loading apps can be tricky
  • Expensive