iPad Mini 6 Review

Apple iPad Mini 6

As of writing the current release of the WunderLINQ iOS app is fully compatible with the iPad Mini.  All Mini generations should work fine as well.

We tested mounting an iPad Mini 6 to a 2017 R1200GS and have created a video of one possible option for using an iPad Mini with your WunderLINQ.  



Tested Mounting Solution

Ram EZ-Roller Cradle 

3D-printed pinch plate from our shop or print your own, the models are free to download from Printables and Thingiverse

Repurposed BMW cradle fasteners and rear pinch plate.



  • Aspect Ratio, more square
  • Nice design
  • Lightweight


  • GPS support requires a cellular model
  • No IP rating
  • Expensive


Other possible mounting options.

RAM GDS Mount 

Armor-X Case and mount