Below is the current list of faults that can be displayed in the WunderLINQ App.

ABS self-diagnosis not completed

ABS error

ABS deactivated

ASC self-diagnosis not completed

ASC intervention

ASC error

ASC deactivated

Low Fuel

Additional front light 1

Additional front light 2

Daytime running light

Front left indicator

Front right indicator

Rear left indicator

Rear right indicator

Front parking light 1

Front parking light 2



Rear Light

Brake Light

License plate Light

Rear Fog Light

Additional dipped/high-beam

Additional brake light

Front lamp 1

Front lamp 2

Ice Warning

The general warning light flashes yellow

The general warning light shows yellow

he general warning light flashes red

The general warning light shows red

Engine oil level too low

Front tire pressure low Warning

Front tire pressure high Warning

Rear tire pressure low Warning

Rear tire pressure high Warning

Front tire pressure low Critical

Front tire pressure high Critical

Rear tire pressure low Critical

Rear tire pressure high Critical

Service Due


Faults require a motorcycle with On-board Computer Pro module.