Compatible Phone Mounts

Compatible Phone Mounts

Below is a list of compatible phone mounts that can be used with the WunderLINQ. We have tested a few of these solutions and some have been suggested by our customers. Please let us know if we missed any other compatible mounting solutions. Please note, be mindful of mounting system weight and the overall distance away from the WunderLINQ. Threaded Brass Insert Specification: M4-0.7 4mm deep


Magnetic Mount

Black Box Embedded Magnetic Mount

The Black Box Embedded Magnetic mount uses two strong magnets to hold your phone to the WunderLINQ or any AMP compatible mounting surface.





The Quad Lock 360 system can be used with the WunderLINQ.  You will need a "FLAT RECTANGLE - 4 HOLE" base and four tapered M4-0.7 x 8mm screws to mount to the WunderLINQ.



SPC+ Wireless Module 

SP Connect Charging Anti Vibration Module SPC+

SP Connect Charging Anti Vibration Module SPC+ can be mounted using a Black Box Embedded, SPC+ Charging Anti Vibration Module AMP Adapter. The plate is available for download for non-commercial use.



SP Connect phone mount

SP Connect

A SP Connect stem mount can converted and mounted using a Black Box Embedded, SP Connect Adapter plate. The plate is available for download for non-commercial use.



RAM Ball Mount

RAM Mount

RAM or other 1"(25mm) ball style mount systems will work. We'd suggest the Charge City 1" inch Ball socket to AMPs connection adapter to mount to the WunderLINQ.



AMP Mount Phone Holder

AMPS Mount Phone Holder

The AMPS Mount Phone Holder by Chance Kelly is 3D printable design.